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Central Transport is pleased to offer competitive pricing for your volume/truckload shipments in lanes with available capacity.

Truckload rate quotes are available for shipments over 19,999 lbs and/or 20 linear feet or more, in lanes with available capacity. Central Transport does offer competitive rates for truckload shipments in the following lanes.
Outbound FL, Northern California to Southern California, West TX/AZ to Southern California
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Central Transport International strives to offer you competitive pricing for your truckload moves. If you have a competitive rate you would like for us to consider, please provide it here:
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Central Transport is pleased to offer competitive pricing for your volume shipment in lanes with available capacity. If you have a more favorable rate, please upload it here for consideration.

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Rate quotes are based on the information you provide. Actual charges will be determined by actual shipment characteristics and any special services applicable during pickup, transit and deliver as stated in our rules tariff.

Your business is our business

Central Transport helps to build and shape the United States by transporting the goods businesses need to run, and the goods they produce. We are proud to provide such critical services which touch every facet of everyday life. It is our goal to help your business be as successful as possible by making sure your freight gets to its destination safely and when needed – at a cost you can afford. Thank you for choosing Central Transport.

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