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Courtesy rate quotes are provided for customers that do not currently have a pricing program in place. If you would like to be set up with a pricing program please contact our sales department at (586) 467-1900.

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Enter the origin and destination zip/postal code and dimensions and weight of your shipment then click 'Add Item'. Select any additional services if applicable, and click 'Get Rate' for your quote and local service center location.

For rate quote by NMFC class, click here.

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Additional Services

Click here to see Rules Tariff: Item 368 - Safety and Special Handling. Fee may apply.
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* Service days is an estimated time, not a guarantee, to the service terminal.
In the case where destination is an indirect point, service days will not be given. Contact (586) 467-1900 for further information.

For service to Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico and Puerto Rico call (586) 467-1900, or determine land charges using the following port/border zip codes:
  • 98424 Tacoma, WA to Alaska
  • 90221 Los Angeles, CA to Hawaii
  • 32119 Jacksonville, FL to Puerto Rico
  • 78041 Laredo, TX to Mexico

Rate quotes are based on information you provide. The actual charges will be determined by actual shipment characteristics and any special services applicable during pickup, transit and delivery as stated in our rules tariff.

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